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SKY 3DS Plus Newest 3DS Flashcard Linker to Play 3DS Games on Nintendo

SKY 3DS Plus Newest 3DS Flashcard Linker to Play 3DS Games on Nintendo Item NO.: DLSLK001

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  • SKY 3DS Plus is the best flashcard to buy for playing free Nintendo 3ds games. SKY 3DS Plus supports on any 3DS/2DS v11.10.0-43 E/U/J, and with a super easy setup&operation

Product Name SKY 3DS Plus Newest 3DS Flashcard Linker to Play 3DS Games on Nintendo
Item NO. DLSLK001
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Mod Nintendo Switch > 3DS Flashcard
Tag linker , flashcard , linker 3ds , 3ds flashcard , sky 3ds plus
Creation Time 2018-07-18

Sky3DS+ for all 3DS Games

SKY3DS+ is an innovative new 3ds flashcard which supports ALL released 3DS consoles including New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL as well as 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP)! More importantly, it break 3DS V11.10.0-43 U/E/J system now! You can use Sky3ds plus to play 3ds games on your 3ds and 3ds/XL consoles without any system or console limitation! And it has only one card in package for easy playing!

Note that, buy the latest Sky3ds+ with orange buttons not any other old sky3ds card to play 3DS games.

All about Sky3ds+

  • Firmware: Like the R4 3DS card, Sky3ds+ is working with a updatable firmware too, the current latest version is v114, supports almost all the 3ds games in the market, works on any 3ds system versions and be compatible with ninjhax 2.9/freakyhax to install Homebrews.
  • Compatibility: Sky3ds+ supports 3DS games, not ds games, not eshop 3ds games, not region free 3ds games.
  • Review: Sky3ds+ card is the best 3ds flashcard to buy, plays the most 3ds games, very easy to use and has been tested by worldwide users for many years. No problem!
  • Work on Switch?: Sky3ds+ isn't working on Nintendo Switch, to you want to hack Switch, R4s Dongle+SX OS Code is the Cheapest method to play All Switch games for free.

Sky3DS+ Features:

  • Includes all the features of original sky3DS
  • Switch games by going back and forth with the two orange buttons on the card.
  • Easy game selection
  • Much easier to use than the previous version of Sky3DS cards.
  • Sky3DS+ is quick and easy, just copy and paste your files and play, no more disk writer needed.
  • Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews
  • AP checks solved, support all new 3ds games.
  • Firmware updatable.
  • Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support.
  • Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V11.10.0-43).
  • Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
  • Support play Free 3DS Games and Online Games.
  • Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC cards.

Reasons of buying Sky3ds+ not Stargate 3ds

①It supports More 3DS Games than Stargate 3ds, for example, the Pokemon ultra Moon and Sun.

②It has been used for nearly 3 years while the Stargate 3ds is just out less than a year.

③It is working with the Skydock for a safe online game play, while Stargate 3ds can't.


Q:I just downloaded the "Dragon Quest Joker 3" rom today and tried to play it on my sky3ds+ card. but the card won't read the game, it changed the rom i copied to my sd card to .3ds.bad, what can i do now?

A:We've tested all new released 3DS games on sky3DS+ without any problem, works like a charm! Just make sure your download rom is from the reliable sources, and dumped by the original retail game card, no modified and edited roms.

Q:My sky3DS+ card does not change to my new downloaded game by clicking the orange button, is there any solution?

A:Please try a new microSD card, format it to FAT32, set the cluster size to 64kb, re-download that rom from more reliable sources, make sure it is not out of region, or not a modified rom.

Setup SKY3DS+ on All 3DS

  1. Format your microSD card to FAT32 in Windows, and copy the roms into it directly, no diskwriter tool required any more.
  2. Download the newest gamelist.bin(like a template file used by the old sky3DS card, will keep it updated constantly for new games later) from, copy it into the root of your microSD card.
  3. Enjoy your games, switch games by pressing the orange button back and forth.
  4. A settings.txt file and other .sav files will be built in your microSD card once start to play games.
  5. Open the settings.txt, set the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS = 1(default 0, can change it anytime later) and save it, a .CFG file will be created in your microSD card after a game has been played, it includes the specific info for that game(CART_ID,FLASH_ID...), you can build you own .CFG file for playing a new game(or an online game) later if you know how to get those info probably, which means you don't have to wait for the updated gamelist.bin file by our site, the .CFG file has a higher priority than a gamelist.bin file.

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