Home>Switch Accessories>2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game
2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game

2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game Item NO: DA396

US$ 67.99

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  • 2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game

Product Name 2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game
Item NO DA396
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Switch Accessories
Tag Nintend Switch , Ring Fit Adventure , Leg Strap Sport Band
Creation time 2019-12-02

Product Description:

This is a third-party product  that can be used with Nintendo Switch

The same way as the original, easy to use. Gravity sensing and gravity pressing function consistent with the original version.Just plug in the Joy-Con controller to use it normally.

Same function, same surprise, lower price.You deserve to give it a try *^^*


1. The same experience as the original.
2. Easy to use.
3. Taking adventure while doing fitness.

Package include: 

Ring-Con x 1 (Third-party product. Not Nintendo Original . Not include Switch Joy-Con) 

Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap x 1 

Ring-Con Grips x 1 Set (blue+red )  

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Fer Coronado

This really gives you a GREAT workout! Really fun!



Very fun and effective! Great way to exercise indoors during harsh weather!


S. Eden

My son who loves video games is right there with me exercising with this! He always beats me at video games and I’m more into exercise. We both love this! I used to ride my bicycle in the winter cold for exercise no longer! I like the variety of exercises too. It’s impressive how many muscle groups you can work with a ring and a leg strap. The ring seems very resilient. We have been using it for four days now with no signs of wear. We are both men and weight about 200lbs each.The leaderboard both for workouts and strength games is motivating.


Stephen Beaulier

Such a great game. It feels a lot like a game however it will give you a real work out. At the end of a 30 min session I feel like I have been tricked by a game to get a great workout.


Aldrick Ruiz

Has kept kids active during the cold and wet days.



A fun workout that doesn’t feel like a workout!


don kim

Best workout game I’ve owned! I was doubtful when I purchased it if it’ll give me a decent workout but doubtful no more. This game will make you sweat and wake up with soreness. If you want to lose weight, get toned, and have a blast at the same time than it’s a must get game.





J. Gregory

I’ve been meaning to try to do yoga for my whole life, basically. But I’m not athletic in the slightest and it’s intimidating to start.All you need is some open space (carpet or yoga mat for the floor moves), and a chair for sitting for a few of the mini games. A corner of most living rooms will work.They walk you through set up and game play and all the moves, so don’t feel intimidated. There are some moves that could be impossible if you have bad knees, but the core, arm, and ab moves are generally easy.Anyway, I look forward to playing everyday, even a few minutes a dat after a few weeks have left me feeling a tiny bit sore but stronger. Game play is engaging, the storyline leaves me wanting to keep going, and the characters are funny.I just hope they come out for more games using the ring con!


Archie Bibawy

my son always has too much energy and loves video games. this is enough of a workout to make him tied while still keeping him entertained



I've been waiting for a switch fit and this is it.. It's interesting and exciting and really challenging which is awesome for keeping my interest


Hansen Millett

For someone who doesn't love to exercise, this is a great product! This game distracts me enough and is fun enough for me not to be thinking about the fact that I'm working out the entire time I'm working out. There are lots of elements about it that make me want to work harder! It's fun and has good health tips. It really focuses on taking care of yourself and not pushing yourself too hard. Super fun game. 10 out of 10.


Griffin Wiebel

After a couple of sessions, I'm taking a break to say this is some of the most fun I've had breaking a sweat. This simple RPG game has been kicking my butt every time I turn it on, but I keep coming back because it is just plain fun.The box comes packed with the game, ring, and leg strap. The foam handles on the ring are nice and plushy and pulling/pushing on the ring feels great while the ring remains sturdy. My multiple sessions have not wore this ring's integrity, which was one of my concerns. When you start the game, an informational video autoplays and does a great job informing you how to set up the ring and strap.The game itself is a RPG runner, where your go from the start to the goal by running in place. On your way are enemies which, when running into them, will start a workout session battle. Here, you will choose from many workout



I love this game. I hate going to the gym and in the winter it is hard to get outside and exercise. this game is a great way to exercise without all the extra equipment.


Matthew Brady

This game is amazing. It’s not for hardcore gamers or fitness fiends. This game is a great balance of rpg game and exercise.



I bought this for my 8 year old nephew and he absolutely loves it. The ring is extremely light and easy to hold but also very durable. The games play very well. Would buy again. 🤙🌞



I enjoyed the Wii games so had to try this and glad we got it. This is more fun, more engaging and works on your body more. I was not a fan of all the yoga in the Wii and not enough core work so this is a blast. The hubby and son have been enjoying it also.I do hope they put in a co op game. It's the only bummer I'm finding so far


Mika the Cat

I really like this game, gets me to work out every day for 30 minutes per day, and plus, i love the mini games and competition with my wife. We strive to get stronger together and better than eachother as possible.I'm honestly very surprised by the resistance weight of the band and how it can be used. I hope other games end up using the resistance band in someway or another.



Got this game 5 days ago and have been playing story mode every day. At first I could only do about 13 minutes of actual workout now I'm on day 5 and have been moving for 25 minutes! Yeah yeah it doesn't sound that impressive but believe me, it takes something special to get me to move after a full day of teaching . It does make you sweat and it does make you sore but I have seen progress with my ability



Needs more games to use it with.