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2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game

2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game Item NO.: DA396

US$ 67.99

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  • 2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game

Product Name 2019 New Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap Sport Band 60cm Ring-Con Grips Leg For Nintend Switch Joy-con Ring Fit Adventure Game
Item NO. DA396
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Switch Accessories
Tag Nintend Switch , Ring Fit Adventure , Leg Strap Sport Band
Creation Time 2019-12-02

Product Description:

This is a third-party product  that can be used with Nintendo Switch

The same way as the original, easy to use. Gravity sensing and gravity pressing function consistent with the original version.Just plug in the Joy-Con controller to use it normally.

Same function, same surprise, lower price.You deserve to give it a try *^^*


1. The same experience as the original.
2. Easy to use.
3. Taking adventure while doing fitness.

Package include: 

Ring-Con x 1 (Third-party product. Not Nintendo Original . Not include Switch Joy-Con) 

Adjustable Elastic Leg Strap x 1 

Ring-Con Grips x 1 Set (blue+red )  

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During the pandemic, I can't go (don't want to go) the gym. I use this everyday. Best buy for this period of the time.



Did a 30 minute session with this game as soon as I got it. I had high expectations and they were exceeded in every way. Can't wait to play more.



No I can work out at home when the GYM is close.



Good product



I thought my 7 year old grandson would love it and give him exercise.I guess he's to young but I liked it.



I borrowed this game from a friend until I could buy my own, and it's been great! Game is enjoyable but challenging and you definitely work up a sweat. I appreciate how it calculates calories burnt, and keeps both daily and overall cumulatives to track your progress. So far, I've burnt over 9,500 calories, done over 3,000 squats, 20,000 ring presses, and ran 50 miles over the course of 30 hours of play time. I definitely am stronger, thinner, and have more endurance from this game.



Really a fun game. I've enjoyed playing. Gets my heart rate going.



This game really pushes you to your limit and works on your whole body! I highly enjoy the RPG elements involved, it makes me want to push forward and get stronger every time I have to defeat Dragaux. You will not regret buying this game!



hard to find at original retail price during covid but worth a bit extra. lots of fun. exercises enough to make you sweat. have had a few weeks now. I do wish they had a run only option without the battles in the menu choices for those who like to run/jog for a set period of time without having to stop and do battles or other exercises. scenery is pretty and the adventure is fun. there are a few exercises i am struggling with such as the stair climber but most so far I can do. you can change your difficulty level every day if you wish. I hope they come out with more exercise games in the future for after we beat this one. lots of arm and leg work. I am overweight but can still do most of it.



highly recommend this game



I like this fitting ring very much. By the way, there are just three different scenarios for the game?



To loose weight ... and excise



I didnt expect much from this at all but it really offers a lot. Between cardio and resistance training, you can work a wide variety of muscle groups, all while playing a game. It even has software which utilizes the infrared camera on the controller to read your heart rate after workouts.



I just got this game today and I absolutely love it. Most times when I’m working out I think, ‘Oh, how much longer until this misery is over?’ With this game, I was so distracted by what the characters were doing on screen that I forgot I was working out and wanted to keep pushing to see what would happen next. I’m sure it can get repetitive after a while, but the distraction is great!



I love this game so much. It really motivates you to keep going and makes working out fun.



Great way to get a good sweat during quarantine.



And the item is in good shape



Finally got a copy after months of checking back to catch it in stock. This game will have you SWEATING while having a lot of fun. Really like that you can adjust the difficulty settings so it won’t be a one-and-done game. You can track your workouts, weight, heart rate, and burned calories. I’d recommend this to any and everyone. I’m just getting back into exercising and it actually makes that manageable. It’s challenging but not stressful. And it’s good to know once I get more in shape I can bump the difficulty up to keep up.



great for the SIP period...even for a person who does not like to exercise... :D



I’m so in love with this game!!!! I’m playing it everyday now! My whole family fall in love with this game. The animation is amazing!!! Buy it when you have a chance. Don’t miss it! You won’t regret!