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    Airpods 1:1 wireless Bluetooth charging headphones With Retail box(Super recommended)

    Airpods 1:1 wireless Bluetooth charging headphones With Retail box(Super recommended) Item NO: DA94

    US$ 69.99
    Wireless charging No wireless charging

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    • Applicable model:iPhone, Android
    • Wireless charging version: 2019 upgrade models with pop-up window / touch operation / Bluetooth 5.0 second generation / wireless full version

    Product Name Airpods 1:1 wireless Bluetooth charging headphones With Retail box(Super recommended)
    Item NO DA94
    Weight 0.0500 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
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    Creation time 2019-09-25



    I can't wait to use it when I get it. It's amazing. It's so easy to use. The sound quality is very good. The son is still rushing with me. Finally, it belongs to him. The whole shape is small and beautiful. It is easy to carry. It is also comfortable to wear on the ear. It seems that it has to be repurchased by the son and the husband is repurchased. Also said to use. So buy two. In the hesitation of the pro can rest assured to buy.



    very good


    Nick tellone

    We'll worth the price. Good battery life. Wish that you could turn up volume from the earbud, great besides that.



    First of all, I really like the classy packaging. These would make a great gift. The case is small and the earbuds are somehow magnetic and pulled into the case for charging and storage. They paired easily with my phone. The earbuds fit perfectly and comfortably in my ears. The sound quality was great and so far, I got through a 2 hour phone call and still have a strong charge. Great set!






    Cost-effective products, sound quality is great



    Earbuds are high quality materials made. Comfortable to wear, sound great, light weight. The changer case is convenience design, very easy to use. After first time pairs to phone, earbuds remove from case and work immediately. Steady connection also long battery life. Awesome product. Very satisfied.


    xu ye

    I got this for my mom, surprised me! She loves it. She is on the phone a lot( she likes to clean the house and same time talking on the phone). She had regular earbuds, but when she doesn’t has pocket for her outfit, she drops her phone constantly, it’s so annoying for her, now her hands are free! The sound of it it’s great, it doesn’t falls out of her ears. She’s very please with it!



    This earphone is very waterproof, and it won't hurt when you wear your ear for a long time. It is very enjoyable for a person who likes music to listen to music while exercising.



    I do recommend this product, affordable price for a pretty good price. Is definitely water proof. I don’t mean you can go swimming in it , I drop it in water and wow it works. The only problems I have with this is that the sound is like a second delay. I would so is good enough for daily use.


    junlin zhang

    My friend recommended this for my wife by this Wireless Earbuds she happy to use thanks



    Nephew’s birthday was coming up and got this for the little guy. The looks of the earbud is elegant and sexy. The sound quality is definitely up to par, crisp and clear. It is also waterproof, which is great. But again, everything is waterproof these days. Nevertheless a good feature. Bluetooth signal is always good. Never got a drop connection at all. Overall nephew really liked it. And was a good buy.


    Cindy You

    I am really pleased with these earbuds. They are well made and sound great.i like everything about this product. The design and diversity!



    The shape and design fit into ear perfectly and sounds is great for game play!


    bruce thiang

    Always want to get AirPods but the price was a bit expensive for me , thank goodness I find this earbuds. Inexpensive sound quality is good , call sound is clear. Really enjoying listening to music with this earbuds. They fit in ear comfortably , battery lasts long.



    The earphone sound quality is very good. It doesn't fall off. I like the design



    This pair of earbuds works well, especially for the price you paid. There is no issue with the connection so far and the sound quality is ok. Hopefully they can last long!



    Love it I used Apple, Bose, and more headphones I can remember. I got these for just 30 to use for jogging and cycling and I absolutely love them. Sound quality is great considering I'm using these in the road (noisy environment). Even when using in the house or garden sound quality is excellent.

    Battery life is great for me. I don't want/need to use them for longer than 1 hour so not sure how long they would last but they never died on me.

    Sound isolation is great too. Even the strongest winds don't get in the way of hearing the sound coming from the earphones.

    As mentioned I use them for cycling, walking and running and they never fell off so very secure fit, just make sure you use the correct size for your ears.



    Good sound


    Wenhao Gao

    I like music very much, especially at the gym.I bought this wireless earphone on the recommendation of my friend David .Not only did bluetooth earbuds fit comfortably and firmly to my ears, but the sound quality sounded great.It can reduce some of the noise, but not completely shut out the sound .I wore them to the gym all weekend, and the battery was still 25 percent.I am very satisfied with my purchase and it can be a substitute for some expensive earphones. Give them a chance and you won't be disappointed.