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  • 2017-03-10
    High quality, durable case. Fits system in securely.
  • 2017-03-10
    Case outer material is sturdy; it will definitely protect the Switch in case of a drop on concrete. The Switch is held in place by the flap which also protects the display from scratches.

    You can jam a USB-C cable inside but that's about it. It is impossible to jam an iPad 12 watt charger in there.
  • 2017-03-09
    Great case for the Nintendo Switch. Very durable and reasonably priced. Here are my pros and cons:

    -Not too big
    -Fits the essentials (Console, joycons, games, micro sd cards, earbuds)

    -It smells weird (maybe it's only mine?)

    Highly recommend this case. $20 is not a bad price for what you are getting. If you want a case that can carry around everything associated with the Nintendo Switch (console, dock, power supply, etc), I would look for a bigger case.
  • 2017-03-09
    Review for standard Black case follows:

    I purchased mine from Target, as Amazon has a 1 - 2 month delay on these now. Haven't noticed any of the notorious smell from mine, maybe this was a symptom of the Amazon warehouse or perhaps I just got lucky? Either way, I'm really happy with this case.

    It's nice and sturdy, but soft on the inside. The Switch and connected joycon fit well inside the case, and the zippered pouch pulls double duty as misc holder (I keep my 3.5mm audio cable inside) and padded screen protector. The case includes 2 game cases, which have 4 slots for games, in a recessed area under the Switch system. It also includes 2 microSD card cases, which each fit into one of the slots in the game case. The outside of the case features a Switch logo and zipper pull, but is otherwise unassuming.
  • 2017-03-09
    Fr**** -
    Best case for the Switch!

    Best materials
    Best protection
    Best design
    Best for travel or transport
    Best Weight

    Is all you seek in a case right?? Well it has it all.

    You have some smell??

    Just WINDEX literally the god damn case and smell goes away, dont know why people cry about that simple thing that can be fixed so easily...
  • 2017-03-09
    Bought this from Wally World the day after launch. For a $20 case, I love it. Took it from home to work, to my second job in a backpack, back home. It's got a more solid feel to it, it secures the console nicely - and, like some other reviews have noted, it smells weird. But so does the console when new so I'm okay with it. For $20 I'm completely satisfied with it.
  • 2017-03-09
    Really good case! Now I just need a switch lol
  • 2017-03-09
    People complaining about the smell ... no clue what you're talking about. I need to literally have the inside of the thing on top of my nostrils and inhaling hard to even get the smell. It smells like any other fabric/rubber manufactured product. Anyway, I bought this because of its hard case and tons of inter protection. People even complained that the inside middle pocket that covers the screen has no purpose and takes up space. It protects the screen, dopes! It also acts as a buffer to keep any buttons and analog sticks for ever being hit, as well as keeping the console snugly in the case. It has inlays inside for the joycon L and R triggers to sit in. This thing is perfect. I had others that I took back because they truly did not protect the console like this does.
  • 2017-03-08
    Great case, love the recesses for the joy-con triggers in the bottom of the case, very solid outer shell
  • 2017-03-07
    This case is the best one for the switch so far. It has a hard top and bottom and is nice and soft inside. Comes with cases for the game cards also. Good package.
  • 2017-03-07
    Jose complaining about the odor are either highly exaggerating or mine came unlike theirs. Mine had a slight odor but nothing like they were talking about. Think of a new car smell just not as strong. Case is great thus far!
  • 2017-03-06
    I bought this case in-store on launch day. I was looking for a case with straps inside but the Velcro tab on this works just as well if not better in minimizing movement since it doesn't lay across the device unprotected and with only elastic tension. The case is pretty sturdy and feels like it can easily withstand accidental drops without harming the contents. There is some give when squeezed but that should help with absorbing an impact. The rubber grip on the handle gives a secure feeling in my hand. The screen protector flap is soft and even has a zippered pouch which I stow my cleaning cloth in. Speaking of which: it would have been a nice perk if they included one along with the game holders, but no big deal. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase.
  • 2017-03-06
    Great case. Really strong padding. Switch fits perfectly!
  • 2017-03-06
    For the price, I'm pretty sure it's the hardest case I've felt when pressing on it. I like how the middle portion velcros over the whole screen to keep it in place. It's a nice detail that the part that touches the screen is fully soft, all the way to the edge, with no hard stitching around it. I also really appreciate the zippered pouch to keep things from falling out if I decide to store games in there rather than underneath. From the outside it's practically compact and I really appreciate the handle.

    My only drawbacks are:
    1. The pouch could be a little bigger.
    2. There's nothing to keep the plastic game cases from falling out when the Switch isn't laying in it.
    3. The middle doesn't fold into a big kickstand like in the cheaper licensed case.
    4. I prefer it didn't have the logo anywhere on the outside to draw attention.
    5. I wouldn't mind if the outer shell were even a bit harder.

    All things considered though, after comparing in person against about 5 other cases, this is the one I'm using.
  • 2017-03-06
    This case is really amazing. It has a tough shell-like exterior and useful game cartridge holders inside. It also has a pocket with an elastic velcro strap to secure your switch in place. I honestly cannot think of a better design for a compact carrying case. This is a really well designed and well made product.
  • 2017-03-06
    Very sturdy case. Game card storage is recessed below where the Switch sits, with cushioned zippered pouch being used to strap the system in. Two smaller micro sd cases included, which hold two cards and fit in the space of one larger game card. Design is most stylish Switch case I've seen too.
  • 2017-03-06
    This case is awesome! It looks great and is very functional while providing great protection. I can fit two joycon straps, a USB C charging cable, and the little SD card holders it comes with in the pouch. Plus It holds 8 games under the switch itself, and there's even a little rectangular cut out in the same area that fits a cleaning cloth quite nicely.
  • 2017-03-06
    Gets job done. Hard outer shell, tough inner lining. Soft where screen is. Small zipper pouch for some little something you might need to carry with you. Game cases and micro SD card cases are a nice touch. It's one major flaw is it smells absolutely terrible. Need to air out a bit before using it.
  • 2017-03-05
    Case is sturdy and seems durable. The zipper is kind of flimsy, so I'm sure that will be the first part to go. Holds the switch with attached joy cons easily, and you can fit a cable in the top. The flap has a small pocket that they list as extra cartridge storage, and that's about all it can be used for, or maybe a wiping cloth and/or those straps for the cons. Underneath the console storage there are two plastic cases to hold 8 games total and 2 inserts that hold 2 micro SD cards in a game slot. There is also a small rectangular recess that I'm not sure what it's for and can't find any good use for. Maybe a small stylus.
  • 2017-03-04
    Great sturdy case it's fits very snug and it's small. Some other cases are either a bit too squishy or too big which causes the switch to rattle. But this case is nice and tight and it's a big plus to me that it has a handle and also includes two game cases that fits 4 games each. In all it's a great case for the price the issue with the smell can be negated by having the case and and letting the smell go away on its own