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  • 2020-06-23
    Great, A good product. I used to play Super Mario when I was a children and now go again
  • 2020-05-14
    I want to try this little Retrolook great feel good i will take some times to pay the games but look great to my .Battery life will take some time to notice if works will the pending of using .Pictures looking good.Really easy to use power on and choose English choose ur game to play and all set enjoy
  • 2020-03-22
    This handheld is amazing! Fun and exciting to use. So many games and such a great way to pass time. A good way to show the kids how the 90's kids had fun. No internet for inappropriate content. No additional money being spent. Just turn it on, pick from numerous games and have fun.This handheld is really small and lightweight. Handle with care. The handheld could have been a little bigger. The other downside is, while it comes with all the necessary cords to connect to the TV for two players, the cords are extremely short. I recommend this product. The manufacturer should make the AV cord and joystick cord much longer.
  • 2020-03-22
    Got these for my two nephews to keep them busy. The best thing can get for boys that's interested in video games. They didn't have a hard time figuring out how to work them. So over all pretty cool game
  • 2020-01-11
    This is brought back all my childhood memories. It has almost all the games we used to play as 80s 90s kids. And it works really well with the TV as well. The only issue I faced was some buttons get a little less responsive with time. After 7 months my moving forward button has become very unresponsive and needs to push hard it to work.
  • 2020-01-02
    I love this! I had an issue with one of the button on the first one I ordered and received a replacement the next day! For the money, this is a great item. I bought it primarily for Tetris and I do wish one player took up the whole screen instead of half of it but for the price, I can’t complain. I suspect I’ll play Tetris and Super Mario most often. I haven’t hooked it up to the TV yet and have just been playing it as a handheld.
  • 2019-12-22
    A lot of fun but can't save. Still looks good though
  • 2019-12-06
    Fun to take with you anywhere you want. Tons of games! Love it!
  • 2019-11-05
    bought this for my niece.sbirthday .it has a lot of great retro games .fun for all ages and levels. she loves it.i bought yellow one ,it is nice color
  • 2019-11-04
  • 2019-11-01
    My kids enjoy this. A lot of retro games are packed in this handheld console. I have another retro console without a color screen. This one has a screen so you don't have to connect this to anything. But if you want, you can connect with any screen that takes RCA input. It comes with a second controller and rechargable battery!
  • 2019-10-30
    just wow.. what a fun.. i was in nostalgia playing each and every one of these games. having so much of fun. i am planning to have a video game competition during or weekend parties. can believe this little one has all the games we used to play in our childhood. battery life is good. brightness is too.
  • 2019-10-25
    I can't believe all the games that are on this! Obviously the name of 'Retro FC Plus' implies retro games but I am stunned by all the old-time arcade games that are on this as you can never find the top name games on one system! It's got great graphics and no delays or hangups and it comes with the TV adapters. I told my wife this is not a birthday gift anymore, it's mine, I'm keeping it!!
  • 2019-10-23
    This brings back memories I love the games on it they work flawlessly I'm really impressed with the sortment a games the battery lasts about 6 hours on one charge which is pretty good playtime You can also display it on your TV for enjoyment of all your friends.
  • 2019-10-22
    I love it!!! Now I can play all my favorite game. There’s a tone of game you can choose to play. I love how they have a lots of Mario game. Is easy to use. It come with battery and core that u can charge. My husband even ask if he can play the game lol. Great price and product. The cool thing is u can plug it in the tv, and all U need it to purchase a game control. It remind me when I was kids.
  • 2019-10-20
    Great unit with 168 retro games. I have enjoy hours and hours of fun time playing all the games from the 80s. Unit have a rechargeable battery. No worry of buying new batteries. All you need to recharge it and you're back playing it. Unit come with different colors case. My is clear case and I love it. Small and compact size.
  • 2019-10-20
    I bought this retro handheld game console for my 8 year old son and he really enjoys playing it. The screen is a good size and it is light and easy to carry around. He likes to play it in the car while we drive and I enjoy watching him have fun playing some of the games I grew up playing.
  • 2019-10-18
     I thought it will be similar to GAMEBOY; however, it is not the same. I was a little disappointed at the beginning. After I did play for hours and going through all the 160+ games. It did remind my childhood game. The battery last before I take a break. The price is ok and the size is perfect for a pocket.
  • 2019-10-16
    This is a really cool game. Lots of fun retro games on it to keep you or your little one entertained. Got this for my son but I've been playing it so haven't even given it to him yet.
  • 2019-10-16
    This handheld gaming system is such a blast from the past! I am an 80s baby and I grew up playing the games in this system on NES & it’s so cool to have access to them in the palm of my hand! I wish the charger port was a micro usb, but that is insignificant. I love that I can also hook it up to my television and play that way. This will provide me with countless hours of nostalgia and fun!
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