For SX PRO how to deal with the solution of display boot.dat?

Since it can display boot.dat?, it means that the short is no problem, the dongle is fine, and the loaded payload.bin is no problem. The problem is with the sd card and card reader module.

1. Check whether the external microsd card can be recognized in the data management under the official system, format the card with switch, shut down after rebooting, you should be able to see the nintendo folder on the computer, which means the card can be read and written. of.

2. Try to use the sd card above class10, sdhc sdxc can be, U is 1 or 3. Try to use a card with high read and write speed.
3. It is recommended to use the switch to format the sd card. If the computer is formatted, ensure that the fat format unit size is 32k, and the exfat format unit size is 128k.
4. Change the card. Use another card, format it with switch and see if there is a nintendo folder.
5. Re-download a boot.dat to the sd card root directory to prevent file errors due to incomplete downloads.

If the above are ok, but there is also a boot.dat error, consider whether the sd card module is a problem:
1. Use the pc or mobile phone to load hekate_ipl.bin (preferably version 3.2 or above), print some key information and press the power button to try to save to the sd card to see if sdcard init failed or failed to mount sd card information appears. If there is, and the sd card is completely normal under the official system, then 90% is the problem that the sd card module connector is loose or desoldered.
2. Take a flashlight and take a look at the sd card slot to see if there is a significant change in the foot.
3. Press the outer casing of the sd card slot to see if it is useful (slightly loose).
4. Rework. Or buy the switch opener tool yourself, try to press the connector after removing 9 screws.
5. Replace the sd card module

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