Fun switch, what do you need to know?

Now if you want to buy the Switch, basically has the following several options, the Switch normal version, enduranceand and lite version of the three. the common and difference of life just like the name: normal enduranceand 2.5-6.5 hoursenduranceand is 4.5-9 hours, enduranceand and heat conditions have improved, but the price will be relatively common version you hundreds of dollars; the Switch lite enduranceand in 3.0-7.0 hours, compared with original slightly increased, but the castrated TV mode, and other functions, increase the portability, also is the lowest price.

Because the switch is not fixed area, so for the host, buy which version is not what's the difference.

Buy a switch single standard is: packaging box, instructions, host, TV base, power, HDMI line, joycon, grip, wrist band, it is recommended to save the packaging box, there is a serial number inside the lining card board, if later do not want it, can also sell to others. often said verification three code unity as shown in the following figure:

Switch machine can not be faked, but there are some refurbished machine, it needs to be carefully screened, if conditions allow, you can let friends buy a little trust. Conventional identification like verification of the next serial number, look at the fuselage screws are not obviously screwed out of the machine marks, you can pay attention to the purchase.

Finally, for the Switch purchase, if you are a student with limited funds, you can also purchase a second-hand machine on some second-hand trading platforms, which is much cheaper than the brand new one. Had better buy the idle machine of individual buyer, credit is evaluated better, fittings is all ready, after all the word of oneself fittings is right small white or more troublesome. Tips: can screen to see the latest release of goods, may pick up ~

About buy machine to introduce here, believe everybody in the mind already had a few minutes to hold, what the next blog article wants to say is the accessory strategy of all evil that is dispensable, accessory how possibly be more expensive than the machine --!

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