How to solve the drift and malfunction of the Switch handle?

How to solve the drift and malfunction of the Switch handle

  I believe that most players who start the switch will encounter the drift of the Switch handle. Today, I will teach you how to fix the handle.

First of all, we have to clear some questions,

1. What is drift?

The so-called drift means that the joystick cannot be controlled even if your hand does not touch the joystick at all. There is a joystick control on the screen, for example, when you play Zelda, the camera will automatically swing, which can be seen through the system's own rocker correction settings.


2. Why does the joystick drift?

Joystick drift can have several problems, but it is essentially poor contact. First, design flaws can cause dust to enter more easily, and then during use, the jaws wear and cause some of the dropped powder to enter the handle.


Then let's look at a few ways to fix the handle drift.

1. Bring a straw and put a layer of soft rubber in the middle of the rocker to blow in, but be careful not to blow in the saliva. It is best to blow the straw down 360 degrees along the rocker and you will find that the handle does not drift. This principle is actually blowing the dust away. In fact, the handle can be taken apart and the rocker can be taken out to clean up. The effect will be better.


2. Use the calibration function of the Switch itself to fix it. Open the Settings - Handle and Sensor - Correction Joystick - Press the joystick-X-correction that needs to be corrected. After the calibration is completed according to the prompts, you will find that the handle does not drift.


3: wd-40. Be careful not to spray more, after all, it has a corrosive effect.

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