Payment Methods|Support Paypal payment

Please see here for details of secure payment

At present, our store only accepts Paypal payment, and temporarily does not support VISA, Master, Debit and credit cards. If other payment methods are opened later, we will inform you through the store news.

If you have a good order, but the payment fails, please don't worry, you can get our paypal payment information in three ways.

1. Online contact customer service  (The fastest way)

Click on the online chat box in the lower right corner of the store to contact our online customer service and provide the corresponding order number. After the inquiry, we will provide you with our paypal payment information and instructions to help you complete the order. The whole process is very simple.

2. Get paypal information by email: (

You can also get us the paypal payment information by email or tell us that you have paid. Our customer service staff will check the order for you in time and reply in time to help you complete the payment.

(If you encounter our non-working hours, you can also leave your order number and question via email. We will reply to your email on the next day and help you complete the order.)

3. By leaving a message in the store

If you place an order during our non-working hours, but can't contact us, you can provide the order number and question through the message in the store. We will reply one by one when we go to work the next day and provide our paypal Information to help you complete the order.

On the morning of our work, we will check the status of the order. If we find that your order payment failed, we will contact you by email and provide our paypal information. Due to the time difference, I hope that you can check your emails in time or wake up, hope you can get satisfactory service~

What questions might you want to ask?

*How do I know if my payment was successful?

After payment, please contact online customer service or email to inform us that you have paid. After we confirm, we will update your order status to “paid”, and modify the “supplied” according to the time. ,

* I have placed an order but the payment failed or is in an error state. What should I do to reorder? Can I cancel my order?

If you want to continue to complete the payment, contact online customer service or contact us via email to get the paypal information. You don't need to repeat the order multiple times. If you want to cancel the order, you can also contact customer service. If you don't cancel, there will be no impact. Please rest assured.

*Why is my order status displayed as "shipped", but I have not received the goods yet?

The "shipped" status indicates that the goods have been shipped. This does not mean that the goods have been delivered. You can track your package according to the logistics number provided in the order. If you find that there is no dynamic in the long term, you can contact us in time to ask for the reason and solve it smoothly.

If you have any feedback, you can let us know. Every feedback is a great help for us. I wish you a happy shopping experience~

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