SX OS 2.8 VS Atmosphere 0.9.1,There is welfare at the end of the article!


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  • XCI files – can mount and play XCI files direct from USB (no need to copy to SD card)
  • No need to install each game, just mount and they run – just like inserting a cartridge.
  • XCI files do not install tickets so *POTENTIALLY* are not as detectable as NSP files.
  • USB storage – NSP files can be installed to SD card direct from USB storage, no need for PC. Useful on long journeys.
  • EmuEMMC / emuNAND – makes it potentially possible to dodge a banned console due to no records kept in system NAND (online play under emuNAND not recommended however).
  • The LAN online feature is pretty neat too – lets you play online with a banned switch
  • Different official firmware versions can be installed in system and emuNAND (no fuses are burned)


  • Costs money
  • Cannot use KIPs advanced features – like custom kernel modules (Overclocking module, etc)
  • MUST use the jig and payload injector on every cold boot (personally, if you’re powering off completely regularly then why?).



  • No cost – just the included cost of your SD card for it to be installed on.
  • Can use KIPs advanced features – like custom kernel modules (Overclocking module, etc).
  • Can boot into CFW from Auto RCM – please note that auto-RCM has been extensively discussed as being potentially detectable by Nintendo and thus a bannable ‘offence’.


  • No XCI mounting.
  • No USB storage.   

And, if you finally choose to use SX OS CFW, you can get it in 2 ways, buy a cheap instant delivery SX OS license code or buy the easy toolkit Xecuter SX Pro. The SX Pro comes with an SX OS code, a Switch RCM Joycon Jig and a payload injector (dongle), all of which you need to easily crack the Switch to get the CFW.

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