Switch accessories really can be more expensive than machines --!

Accessories really can be more expensive than machines --! The first is... Yes, you want to by the way, is the memory card, issued a suitable memory CARDS for their own love is necessary, switch the fuselage built-in 32G of memory for the machine we are certainly not enough to play, there are a lot of DLC and download version of the game to use, the general standard is 128G memory card, see individual needs to buy, for the choice of the brand or buy a little, after all data is priceless, several recommendations as sandisk, samsung, lexar, recommend lexar because really cheap price can also, before make only 399, 512G card or it's a good deal, Of course, there are some high-end CARDS or some less expensive tf CARDS. Must not figure cheap, on market a lot of false enlarge capacity card, suggest regular channel buys. Of course, Txswitch is a regular shop, please rest assured that you buy.

Then if your friend is more, you can buy a pair of joycon again, if you feel joycon feel is not very good words is highly recommended to purchase switch handle official pro, long life, officer xuan for 40 hours, feel is very good, has now issued a few qualified handle is also very beautiful, there is love have to start (the handle can be matched with rocker cap will feel more comfortable), but also must pay attention to the domestic high copy handle, copy is like, from the appearance to the function, small make up late will separate wrote an article detailing how to distinguish the original way to handle, stay tuned...

If the battery life can not meet you, you can be equipped with a back folder charging treasure, is also very convenient

For those who play TV mode more, they may be very distressed about the heat dissipation, because there are many cases of bending machine, which can modify the original base, or buy the heat dissipation fan online.

The most important point, it is to receive, should equip receive a switch case (go out necessary), had better match two, receive a switch case to be able to install handle, power, TV base to wait for all equipment, receive a bag to put a handheld game machine and a few small fittings

About protection of the fuselage, best toughened membrane protective screen, can match a set of protection shell, fission can protect or transparent, can also use silica gel sets, sticker, see individual situation, because the switch is similar to the material of the skin, tear the sticker so there may be traces or paint, on-demand purchase can (switch sticker or very good-looking)

The above has introduced a lot of accessories, in fact, there are many, like your game card more can be equipped with a card box, the network is very slow can be equipped with a network converter, switch can also be equipped with a projector, can also buy with the dream of the wizard ball...... Well, seems to be some optional things, after listening to my introduction, do you have a heart? (the OS in your heart is not: "only you can!" )

If you have more Suggestions on switch purchase and accessories, please pay attention to Txswitch's facebook and discuss with us.

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