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    Xecuter SX Pro Nintendo Switch Modchip kit-In Stock Now

    Xecuter SX Pro Nintendo Switch Modchip kit-In Stock Now Item NO: DLSLK023-PRO

    US$ 48.58
    US$ 53.98 Save US$ 5.40 (10% Off)
    One SX Pro One SX Pro+a blessing bag Two SX Pro+ One Free 16GB SD Card Three SX Pro+ One Free 32GB SD Card Five SX Pro+ One Free 32GB SD Card+One Free 16GB SD Card

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    • SX PRO-In Stock Now! Ship in 24h (Except Weekend/Holidays)!
    • The package includes a USB dongle, jig, usb cable and license,that is all .
    • For other Countries ,we can also ship worldwide ,free shipping via Epacket !
    • Contact Us-Via Email or Online Chat!

    Product Name Xecuter SX Pro Nintendo Switch Modchip kit-In Stock Now
    Item NO DLSLK023-PRO
    Weight 0.0300 kg = 0.0661 lb = 1.0582 oz
    Category Team-Xecuter
    Tag Nintendo Switch , sx pro , sx pro switch , xecuter sx pro , pro kit , sx pro dongle , sx pro jig , sx pro os , sx os pro , switch accessories
    Brand Team XECUTER
    Creation time 2018-05-10

    • SX PRO-In Stock Now! Ship in 24h  (Except Weekend/Holidays)!

      Contact Us-Via Email or Online Chat!
    • Here buy XECUTER SX OS, In stock!   

    Xecuter SX Pro for Nintendo Switch hack is released and this modchip works on any Nintendo switch firmware(including the latest 9.0.1) from any region. You can use Xecuter SX Pro to install Custom Firmware on your switch console and then play free switch games. Besides, the modchip supports switching games in real-time. Buy Xecuter SX OS

    Xecuter SX Pro includes Xecuter SX OS software license. If you already have Xecuter SX Pro, there is no need to buy SX OS.

    Xecuter SX Pro Features

    * The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch!
    * Includes USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license.
    * Compatible with all regions.
    * Compatible with all firmwares(including the latest 9.0.1)
    * Real time game switching.
    * The same 'jighack' device is needed to start the hack as we've seen before.
    * The exploit payload is delivered via a USB-C dongle.
    * These hardware exploits must be used every time the console is hard booted but both are removable after the initial boot.
    * The dongle has another USB-C passthrough - for charging/updating possibly? Not sure about this.
    * There are three options displayed on the screen upon booting the device with the hack: Boot Custom FW, Boot Original FW, Update

    Xecuter SX Pro content

    1 x USB dongle
    1 x Jig tool
    1 x OS software license

    SX OS, SX Pro … What’s the difference?

    The SX Pro is a USB-C dongle that is a plug and play solution to injecting the necessary RCM payload to boot into custom firmware. It comes loaded with an SX OS license that is tied to your console and stored on your microSD card. So technically, an SX Pro dongle can be used with multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, but each console will need to have an SX OS license in order to play Switch backups. Without the SX Pro dongle you’ll need a PC+USB-C cable or Android+OTG to inject the payload to your Switch every time it is rebooted. With the SX Pro this process becomes very versatile and portable.

    The SX OS is simply just the custom firmware itself. In order to be able to play Switch game backups, it needs to be activated with a license that is checked against Team Executor’s servers. The activation process can be done online via your Switch or offline with a PC. If SX OS is not activated, it can only be used to play Switch homebrew.

    About Logistics

    1.ePacket Worldwide Shipping From China $3.99

    (Delivered within 7-25 working days. The specific signing time is based on the logistics situation of each country,Free shipping on orders over $10

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    (DHL Express, delivery in 5-9 Working Days!)

    3.YW express from China $ 3.99

    We ship from China to your hands, it takes 6-10 working days !

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    Note that we do not support credit card payments in the following regions:

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