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    XECUTER SX Gear Perfect Solution for SX OS On Nintendo Switch

    XECUTER SX Gear Perfect Solution for SX OS On Nintendo Switch Item NO: DLSLK023-gear

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    • Genuine and cheap SX Gear is best bought here to modify your Nintendo Switch to install CFW to play free games and run homemade programs. It is for customers who only get operating system code and want to launch any CFW on the Nintendo Switch. SX Gear is your best SX OS companion.

    Product Name XECUTER SX Gear Perfect Solution for SX OS On Nintendo Switch
    Item NO DLSLK023-gear
    Weight 0.0300 kg = 0.0661 lb = 1.0582 oz
    Category Team-Xecuter
    Tag SX Gear , XECUTER SX Gear , Solution for SX OS , XECUTER SX Gear for switch
    Brand Team XECUTER
    Creation time 2018-08-18

    News from Team Xecuter:

    SX Gear is the perfect solution for SX OS owners who want an easy and safe way to boot up Team Xecuter firmware.

    It can also be use to inject any other payload with a high quality tool kit from the brand you trust: Team Xecuter.

    SX Gear combine our acclaimed dongle and jig, strong, sturdy, with its unique super-capacitors. Made to last and keep your Switch safe.

    Xecuter SX Gear

    SX Gear is developed and produced by the famous Switch/Xbox flashcard company Team Xecuter. Xecuter SX Gear is their Third-generation product for modding almost all Nintendo Switch. It is including an usb dongle for booting SX OS or any other Switch CFW, a joycon jig for turning the Switch to RCM mode.

    Note: SX Gear dongle is an empty usb dongle, Without the OS license code!


    Buying Tips for SX Gear

    • SX Gear is not working alone on the Switch, you need to have the SX OS License code or other payload for Switch CFW.
    • SX Gear can't replace the SX Pro, because the latter has the OS Code but SX Gear doesn't.
    • SX Gear works with the SX OS, it's the best to buy for SX OS code user.

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